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Patient Testimonials

"Tripped on the road and the noise came like I broke my knee. I was very scared. I visited Dr. PranjalKodkani as soon as possible and there I came to know it was ACL tear and my knee can still be fine without going for surgery. I started my treatment by Dr. Pranjal and he was very helpful and supportive throughout the treatment. Got totally fine without surgery !"
- Rahul
"I didn’t know that my repeated ankle sprains could be treated to get back to my football. Doc treated it by arthroscopy and I am playing football now without getting any more twists to the ankle. I feel more confident and can play better now. Thanks a lot doc"
- Shiva Yadav
"Had a shoulder dislocation while playing badminton. Dr. Kodkani said since it was first time and not that bad I could treat it with physiotherapy. I like his concept of Joint Preservation. Thanks to his advise I am fully normal now. Thanks doc."
- Javed Siddique
"My mother was suffering from knee pain since 1 year. Knee transplant is a painful process, which I knew is not assured treatment for lifetime. I was looking for an alternative that can cure the knee pain issue that my mother was suffering from. Dr Pranjal suggested us Joint Preservation osteotomy and we proceeded towards it. It was best way to treat my mothers knee issue and saving it from getting replacement. No one gave us this option. We are very happy with the result. Strongly recommended."
- Sanaya Mathur
"My daughter had weak knee caps since long. Knee cap dislocated sometimes. After looking up I found Dr. Kodkani to be the best in this treatment. We did MPFL Reconstruction and arthroscopy. She is completely normal now with full strength in her knees and can even go running. He is the best. Definitely recommended for this."
- Rukhsar shaikh
"My father had shoulder pain since long. He didn’t take proper treatment. Dr. Kodkani said he has rotator cuff problem. He gave only injection and physiotherapy. He is completely without pain and normal now. I wish I had known earlier. Congratulations doctor"
- Irfu Shaikh
"Having injured my knee from a fall, I couldn't do high intensive training. After extensive research on the internet I found Dr. Pranjal Kodkani . After physical examination and viewing my diagnostic reports he suggested Acl reconstruction. The way he explained the condition of the problem and the solution, instilled the confidence that I was in the best hands. One Doctor warned me that reconstructions fail but after talking to Dr. Pranjal Kodkani I didn't have any doubts about my decision to come all the way to Mumbai I received excellent logistic support from the entire team As I had traveled all the way from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, I also had to travel back in stipulated time period. They helped in every way possible. The post operative care was explained clearly and they have assured me of continued assistance in case, I need any. Couldn't have ask for a better care provider."
- Annapurna Vadlamani
"I had a trip few months ago and dislocated knee cap and I was told MPFL (medial patellofemoral ligament) tear. My treatment was undertaken by Dr. Pranjal Kodkani. He is the expert I realised after a google search on this. He did Arthroscopy and MPFL Reconstruction. I am completely normal now. Don’t feel like any surgery was done. No problems. Extremely happy. Thank you doc"
- Sunil Gupta
"My mother had knee pain. I was told Joint replacement by doctors. I visited Dr. Kodkani and he treated her with small telescope. Not even sutures. Same day she went home walking and normal. Not even pain. Fantastic. Good bless doctor."
- Mohini Singh
"With the help of MRI report I got to know that I have ACL Tear and that was the reason I was suffering from weak knee. After treatment sessions with Dr. Pranjal Kodkani he suggested me to take physiotherapy and regular exercise for strength and now I have completely recovered and there is no pain or weakness at all."
- Rutu shah

M.S (Ortho) Mumbai;
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